Having a very abnormal or warped state of creativity...

I have always been inspired by nature and all the unusual and crazy beauty it gives us. My art is created from a dried gourd that is then sculpted upon with paperclay,  embellished with colored pencils and paint, to create another level of Crazy Beautiful.


   "Great art picks up where nature ends." --Marc Chagall



The Roots

What inspired this crazy little world of mine? Good question?

My name is Kandice, I am the artist,  also the Mother of two beautiful creatures that I live for, which inspires my every day. I grew up in the country on a "little" farm. Well mostly, I just had a lot of animals and a lot of outside to explore. Being outside was, and is, still one of my favorite places to be. It proves to me how small we are and how large and amazing we could be...which makes me want to create the world I feel is hidden and waiting to be found.

I have been surrounded by Art and Creativity my whole life; everyone in my family has taken to their own craft. My  Dad is into woodworking and tinkering, or building anything you can think of. His work spaces are where I spent a lot of my time as a child learning to use tools, and random junk, to create things...and I mean anything!

My Mom is where my craft came from. She was always sewing and hand stitching to create anything from dolls to the clothes we wore. Through her I learned to sew, and embellish; to take bits and pieces....to become something. 

After four years of high school art, learning a mixture of different techniques,  I purchased my first package of Paperclay and realized I had found My art medium. From that day forward, my own little world of creatures have come out of hiding....



Its been a long fun road to get to where I am now. There have been moments over the years where my time has been divided between the love of my babies, my love of art, and my daytime job of running a hair salon from my home. I have been blessed that over the last few years I have been able to find more time for my Art and still enjoy my "somewhat" more independent kids. My Mama, Kathy Jackson, has been a big part in keeping me motivated, she basically kicked me in the rear and said "don't stop now, I'm here and will help ya in whatever way I can."  So I did what my Mama told me, took her on as my partner in crime and kept sculpting!!

We have been selling Art at different shows for years. Those being some of my favorite days! All of the giggles and smiles my creatures bring on those days, make all the work throughout the year worth every minute.  I want to thank all of my followers that have supported me at my shows, (Johnny Appleseed and Kendallville Apple Festival). Thank You, Thank You. I look forward to seeing you all soon!



When us girls get the chance to get out to play we love to go see some of our favorite artist at their shows!

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Fort Wayne, IN, USA

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